About us

Ora-heal is a health care manufacturer established in 2005.

After seeing the many varied side effects of mainstream toothpastes, from burning of the skin to allergic reactions, to subtle changes that might not be noticeable for long time, we designed a tooth balm that has all the positive benefits of plaque removal and freshness without the unnecessary chemicals.

We have a collective experience in preventive dentistry of several decades from holistic dentists and therapists.

We trust you will enjoy using oraheal .

Feel free to ask any dentistry related questions and we will do our best to assist you!

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is that optimum prevention can only be achieved from the perspective of a nutrition and lifestyle that is suited to the individual's biological matrix. We all have different tolerances to different stresses, and the oral environment follows suit. Finding the right nutritional balance for each person's constitution is the key to good health

Unique clinically
proven biostatic

No sodium lauryl sulphate

No potassium nitrate

No fluoride

No parabens

No artificial colourings

No cocoyl glutamate

No toxic chemicals!

Suitable for vegetarians.

Not tested on animals.

less is more...

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